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Our Services

We understand that properties, like people, seldom have exactly the same needs. To request a proposal for Strata Management Services or to obtain more information about Wynford, please fill out the form below. Completed forms can be emailed to property@wynford.com
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What We Do

At Wynford, we specialize in strata management. Although many of our staff and licensees hold more than a strata license and possess experience and knowledge in all aspects of real estate, at Wynford, strata management is our focus. To best serve our clients and avoid conflicts in interest, we've decided that we cannot be all things to all people. Our specialization in one specific area, strata management, is best for the company and our valued clients.


Service not size, is our primary objective.

We have one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry. We attribute this to the high level of service we provide, as well as the strong chemistry and operational relationships we have with our clients.

Through the management process, we accept that it is the responsibility of the Strata Council to establish policies, issue directives and make key decisions. Functioning in a support role, aside from general operating demands, it is our job to provide essential information to Councils and to offer guidance when and if required—such as issues relating to legislation, regulations and bylaws.

No two strata corporations are alike, and we recognize that a cookie-cutter approach to strata management simply does not work. To that end, we've developed tailored strata management services which are based on the unique requirements of each strata corporation with whom we work. It is because of this recognition that we provide a wider range of services, rather than just a full management offering.

Although full-service management is at the core of our business, the truth is, not all stratas require it. As such, we offer financial management services to those clients who require assistance with the complex financial aspects of managing a strata corporation.

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Service, not size, is our primary objective.

Providing clients with the highest level of service is our goal. In our experience, there is a point where the very magnitude of a portfolio can impact the ability to operate effectively.

We limit properties handled per manager.

We have a tightly-controlled limit on properties handled per manager. Workloads are carefully monitored to ensure service standards are being met.

We consider location of property & manager.

We do our best to consider the location of the property, the strata manager’s residence and the strata manager’s portfolio when assigning clients. We also work to contain managers within a defined geographic service area.

We avoid conflicts of interests.

We have made a conscious decision not to provide any in-house services, such as maintenance, special trades or insurance services. This allows our team to maintain arms-length management and allow our relationship with the strata corporation to not include services that should rightfully go to market.

We search for the best value in trades & services.

As facilitators and administrators, it is our primary duty to locate qualified trades and services. Through economies of scale, we're able to obtain the best prices relative to quality and performance.

We do not provide advice outside our area of experise.

We are very cautious about advising clients on matters beyond the scope of our experience, knowledge or technical fields such as engineering, legal and specialty trades.