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Fall & Winter Reminders

November 9, 2023
Fall & Winter Reminders

As an Owner and Resident, it is important to take an active role in maintaining your unit to help prevent damage during the winter months. Below are a few helpful reminders.

Balconies, Decks & Patios

Keep your drains clear of leaves and debris. When it snows, make a trough in the snow leading towards the drain to help guide the water to the drain.

Exterior Taps (Hose Bibs) – Winterizing

Freezing temperatures can cause considerable damage to strata lots. If you have a tap on your balcony or patio, it is your responsibility to winterize it. Find the shut-off valve for the tap – this may be located in your unit; turn it off; go outside to the tap and turn it on to drain the remaining water out. If you cannot locate the shut-off valve, contact a council member or the strata manager.

Windows & Condensation

As the outside temperature drops, so does the ability of inside air to absorb moisture. To reduce the humidity in your strata lot use your humidistat, exhaust fans and / or open your windows periodically.

Holidays Away

Maintain heat in unoccupied strata lots throughout the winter months to avoid pipes from freezing and bursting. Please remember to leave your heat at 16 degrees Celsius.

For those who winter elsewhere; shut-off the water to your toilets, hot water tank, washing machines and dishwashers.  Check your homeowner insurance policy before you go away to find out how often your unit should be checked while you are away. Remember, you may be held financially responsible for any damage to your unit and other units.

It is essential that your emergency contact information is current and that someone you trust has a key to your unit, preferably a neighbor.

Fireplaces – Gas

It is your responsibility to ensure your fireplace is inspected and maintained.

Snow & Ice

Please report any slippery areas that need attention to your building caretaker or strata manager.

Pest Control

Check typically dark areas such a storage rooms, lockers and the back of cupboards. Report any mouse droppings immediately to your building caretaker or strata manager.

Inspect Your Unit

Check your unit from time to time from top to bottom, inside and out.  If you have ceramic tiles in your kitchen or bathrooms, caulk and fill any cracks to prevent water from getting into the wall behind the tiles.

Look for dampness at the base of outside walls and for water staining on the walls and ceilings. If you find any of these symptoms, please contact your building caretaker or strata manager.